How to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020 [Grow Subscribers on Youtube]

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I´ll show you how to grow your Youtube channel and get more subscribers for real. But there is no secrets. It is all about get more views on yours videos. And I will prove you that.

In this video I will show you why you don’t need techniques to get more subscribers.

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I have a Youtube channel since 2009 and like everybody I was trying to figury out how to get the Youtube´s award – the silver play button.

After thousand videos and test for years into my channel I descovery that we need grow viewrs not subscribers.

I know what you are thinking.
If it is so simple, why nobody tell us that?
It is all about numbers. And nobudy knows the real numbers.
No one knows the true correlation that exists between more views and more subscribers.
And that is what I will show you right now.

Only 1 to 3 percent of people who watch your videos will click on the subscribe button. Look at this.

These are my channel numbers for the last 30 days. I got four thousand seven hundred new subscribers. I also had two hundred and seventy thousand views.
Only 1.6% of all people who watched my videos considered clicking the subscribe button.

This is the ThinkMidia channel. He’s an Youtube expert.
In the last 30 days they converted 1.39% views to subscritions.

If you go to he’s channel you can watch lot of videos about how to get more subscribers. A lot of techniques but nothing about the real numbers.

Do you know Brian Dean? He is an other Youtube expert.
He’s numbers are quit better. It was 3.25%.

I like their videos. They are very good.

And you can make this comparison across multiple channels to see how difficult it is to get more subscribers.
“Call to action” is not enough.
Please subscribe to my channel.
Or thinks like that.
There is no techniques to get more subscribers.

You need to work to create a constantly growing audience. Make people want to watch your videos more and more.

This is the real secret.

Only 1 to 3 percent of people who watch your videos will click on the subscribe button.

To grow your views you need to study and learn SEO techniques.
Improve your video’s CTR. Click-through rate and watch time are the most important things to make your YouTube channel grow fast.

Do the math. To get one hundred thousand subscribers you will need at least three to ten million views.

Your job is to create content, publish videos every day with the right techniques to get more views.
You don’t have to think about subscriptions.

This is the truth!


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